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Why Cabotage TMS is right for your business

In this ever-evolving freight market, now is the time to take transportation management to the next level. As the market shifts, capacity has tightened. Transit days are expended. Missed pickups are more common and customers’ expectations for optimum service are higher than ever before. Managing your direct carrier relationships has become vital to leveraging volume for top tier service. With these factors in mind, many have begun expanding their carrier portfolio. Why? So they have first-hand access to the best markets rates today right at their fingertips, accompanied by a service level that will help keep your customers more than satisfied.

Cabotage TMS allows you to have the best of both worlds in this competitive and profitable freight market. Best of all, we compile everything your business needs in one centralized location. Keep your direct carrier pricing and supplement those carriers with aggressive rates from one of the top 3PLs in the business. Not only will you confirm you’re securing the best rate the market has to offer on a given lane, but you’ll also save time doing so! Speaking of time savings, we want to optimize your valuable time by experiencing real time dispatches with stellar API technology across all carrier tariffs. Spend less time tracking your freight with our automated tracking directly from your carriers to your customers.

With all these valuable assets, we also offer a more hands off option when 3PL rates are utilized. You will also encounter top tier service from pickup past delivery with our freight bill auditing service. At the end of a long freight day, partnering with Cabotage TMS saves your back office both time and headache while providing you with the best transportation management software to date. Request a demo now to experience ultimate quality at an unprecedented rate.


– Alan S. McClanahan, Managing Director

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