How Cabotage TMS Avoids Variances with Our Automated Accessorials

With the booming freight market on the rise, one of the biggest pain-points when it comes to quoting an LTL shipment are variances. Variances occur when the invoiced amount from the carrier doesn’t match the original quoted amount. This can often be due to a valid reason; however, most of the time, it’s due to incorrectly quoting a load on the front-end. In our experience, most shippers are not aware of the many ways in which they can quote themselves into a variance. Ultimately, this is because shippers are more focused on successfully shipping their product and managing their business, as they should be, and do not typically educate themselves on the intricate details of every carrier rules tariff.

At Cabotage TMS, we understand this factor and want to ensure our shippers can remain focused on their business while we handle the rest. Cabotage alleviates these cumbersome factors in a multitude of ways, including enforcing dimensions on all quotes. By doing so, we aid in the shipper in a twofold process. First, by enforcing dimensions, it ensures that your LTL carriers have accurate line-item dimensions information to return a quote. Of course, this is in addition to the weight and freight class. Secondly, Cabotage TMS can automatically add excessive length (ELS) accessorials in the event your shipment is more than eight feet. In other words, when accurate dimensions are provided, Cabotage TMS will automatically add the appropriate ELS accessorial. This will ensure that your carrier has the most accurate information to provide a valid quote based on the dimensions and the presence of the ELS accessorial. By enforcing dimensions at the forefront, we’ve cut out the uncertainty for our LTL shippers and thus, cut down the possibility of an unexpected variance later on.

This is just one of the ways Cabotage TMS attempts to eliminate the everyday headaches for shippers. Through our streamlined software, from quote to delivery, we provide critical and top-tier service for your business. Reach out today to schedule a demo and obtain an inside view of Cabotage TMS firsthand.

– Phillip Scholtes, VP of Technology

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