What is a TMS?

How does Cabotage TMS excel in its field?

Various factors measure a business’s success, including customer service quality, turnaround time, retention statistics, and overall profit. However, there is one crucial aspect to any company often overlooked: technology. As the freight industry barrels forward, many small-to-medium-sized businesses find themselves limited by their current technology, wondering if there’s an easier option to manage their transportation.

Enter Cabotage TMS.

At its core, a Transportation Management System (TMS) is a software solution utilized by supply chain management systems, third-party logistics (3PL) providers, distributors, manufacturers, e-commerce companies, and more. A dependable and modern TMS can give shippers firsthand access to software that automizes their processes, coordinates their shipments, and offers unmatched insight into their time and spending costs. With Cabotage TMS, you will find our offerings go beyond the standard software.

Driven by the finest quality and generated from logistics professionals, our innovative TMS provides customers a unified and game-changing experience. Developed in-house, Cabotage TMS offers an impressive Application Programming Interface (API) with supreme less-than-truckload (LTL) quoting, dispatch, and tracking. Cabotage TMS also offers freight bill auditing and dispute workflow through a customizable experience. Even on the go, our mobile-friendly technology and modern design promote optimum productivity from any location.

“What sets our TMS apart from others on the market is the behind-the-scenes intelligence we bring to the table. As your incumbent carrier base diversifies, it becomes increasingly difficult to know the ins and outs of every tariff you have negotiated. Because of our back-end technology, you no longer have to worry about how much trailer space footage you’re allowed or when you will begin to accrue additional charges for surpassing your cubic capacity with each carrier. We will take care of those details for you. Once you ensure accurate dimensions and weight, watch your audit count decrease!” — Alan McClanahan, Sales Engineer

Below are a few additional highlights featured in Cabotage TMS.

  • One centralized location to rate and book your direct carriers
  • Opportunity to expand your carrier network with Priority1 managed tariffs
  • Guaranteed competitive rates provided on every lane
  • Centralized tracking for all shipments
  • Dispatch all orders and generate BOLs with a simple click
  • Seamless booking process with address and inventory book
  • Decrease your freight bill audit count when booking with Priority1
  • Unlimited users across all locations
  • Opportunity for additional freight insurance on all shipments
  • Push notifications (tracking) on each shipment directly to the receiver
  • Cubic calculations integrated into the quoting process to avoid variances

Are you interested in experiencing Cabotage TMS firsthand? Request a demo with one of our elite sales engineers to learn more!

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