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Our team of LTL experts built Cabotage TMS as a proprietary solution specifically for small to medium-sized businesses. Cabotage TMS has all the tools of an enterprise TMS in one seamless, user-friendly platform.

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15 Average Tracking Updates per LTL Shipment
63 Superior API LTL Carriers
1 Location for All of Your Carriers
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Driven by optimal quality and generated from logistics professionals, our innovative TMS provides customers a unified and game-changing experience in a multitude of ways.

Industry Insights

Explore Cabotage TMS’ supreme resources and uncover our methods for setting the tone for optimum service.

How Cabotage TMS avoids variances with our automated accessorials

-Phillip Scholtes, VP of Technology

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Why Cabotage TMS is right for your business

-Alan S. McClanahan, Sales Engineer

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